Spectis Decorative Rosette - CR1183-18

Rosettes are a simple and cost effective way to add interest to any room. They can be installed to trim around doorways, and windows or as an accent on the ceiling or wall. Designed and manufactured by Spectis in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to make your design pop.
Part Number: CR1183-18
$119.18 each
$119.18 each


Spectis Decorative Rosette - CR1183-18

The Decorative Rosette is designed and manufactured by Spectis to create interest to walls, ceilings, or trim. Easy to install, Spectis Rosettes are comprised of high-density polyurethane that will not rot, warp or crack. With incredible properties like pest resistance and water resistance, these rosettes can be installed anywhere, even in rooms that may build up with moisture like bathrooms or kitchens. All rosettes arrive primed and ready to paint or stain to match your design.


• Color: Primed White
• Radius: 18"
• Total Height: 1 3/8"
• Projection: 1/2"

Name Spectis Decorative Rosette - CR1183-18
SKU CR1183-18
Product Moulding Rosette
Size 18"
Texture Smooth
Manufacturer Spectis Moulders Inc.
Price $119.18

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